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Survivors’ rights-based perspective forms the bed-rock of the organization. Our social movement is aimed towards restoring the basic dignity and the inherent worth of an individual who is neglected in the schema of social psychosis. The focus is on understanding the underlying mechanism and social matrix which reinforces the practice of trafficking and then tackling it. The worldwide failure of efforts indicates that there is something wrong with the current approach and understanding. Purity of intent is not under doubt but the question arises whether intentions alone are enough to solve the problem. It would be a scar on humanity if we cannot put a tap on the practice which goes against the very idea of being a citizen. Trafficking evolves from us and our societies. It is a need of the hour to develop a strong response mechanism which emanates from the society through the State. The basis of our humanity is the bond of TOGETHERNESS since inception. In fact, we exist because of this thread that connects us all as humans. Our endeavor is to revive this dying humanness to embark into a society where everybody is empowered to LIVE as humans, A society with an awakened social consciousness where there is a belief in SERVING the humanity that we are a part of. It is this horizon that keeps our hope alive as we BUILD together an empowered humanity.

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