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 Legal status, certification and other details of the Organization

Story of Origin

 Dream, idea, beliefs and the people when it all started 


In all these years, few people found our work worthy to celebrate 


Everything is being driven by some living people, meet them  


EMPOWER PEOPLE is widely recognized for its tireless efforts in safeguarding and empowering trafficked women and girls. Employing a survivor-centric, rights-based approach, the organization actively engages religious and ethnic leaders, community members, and various stakeholders to break the vicious cycle of trafficking.

Originally starting as a movement in 2005, EMPOWER PEOPLE has evolved into a formidable organization dedicated to supporting law enforcement agencies and families in locating missing girls and conducting rescue operations. The organization ensures a comprehensive follow-up on rehabilitation processes in source areas, forming diverse groups for each case to guarantee the safety of survivors and mitigate social stigma. These groups, composed of individuals from the same society, act as guardians, providing support in local communities.

In destination areas, where trafficked brides continue to live with their 'husbands and children,' EMPOWER PEOPLE establishes village communes led by survivors. These communes run skilling centers for women, fostering mutual learning and association among trafficking survivors.

The organization's roots trace back to the Career Development Center (CDC) movement, which initially aimed to spread education as an awareness program among youth and marginalized children. Overcoming challenges in resource development, CDC evolved into EMPOWER PEOPLE, formally established in 2006 under the Society Registration Act 1860. The organization's founder, Shafiq ur Rahman Khan, led a PadaYatra covering three hundred kilometers against female foeticide, marking the beginning of EMPOWER PEOPLE's formal journey.

EMPOWER PEOPLE's mission extends to creating a peaceful, happy, and sustainable society, characterized by respect, service, love, participation, and eco-friendly living. The organization is committed to promoting social, economic, and gender equality, working towards a world where every individual, irrespective of circumstances, can lead a life of dignity, freedom, and justice.


If you are a Trust, Foundation or a CSR group who believes in 
our cause, you may please contact Ms. Mishal Rizvi
for tie-ups or donations:Phone: +91 1169310275

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Before the Gig

The Organization was started in the form of a Movement. In the initial stages, the organization was called Career Development Center (CDC) to impart and spread education as an awareness program among the youth and poor marginalized children. The movement gathered a huge potential of students from schools and colleges who joined CDC as volunteers to help achieve its goal.

A Coordinating Committee was formulated to monitor and scrutinize the path of development in this process of awareness with imparting education as its core issue for a larger participation of the masses. ​At the outset, the organization confronted many challenges in resource development due to lack of experience. Majority of them were senior students of Schools working as volunteers. The challenges opened up new avenues.

The CDC successfully established an informal centre for primary education with the help of students at Shastri School, Gaya district. A goal was defined where every volunteer would be bestowed with the responsibility to impart education in chain management. The pilot program was initiated at Amas block of Gaya district and the toil of members proved fruitful upon achievement of their motto. Twenty three centres were then formally established at Gaya district of Bihar and Chatra (now in Jharkhand) as a larger project. All centres have been handed over to the youths at the local plane.

The organization moved onward and successfully made its way to Delhi and worked to safeguard the rights of migrant labourers and ensure basic education to their children as their right. In the year 2006, the organization was formally established as EMPOWER PEOPLE, registered under the society registration act 1860. Empower People initiated its journey with a PadaYatra of three hundred kilometers against female foeticide under the premiership of its founder Shafiq ur Rahman Khan from Jind to Hisar in Haryana.

Story of Origin

Meet The Team

Dr, savithri subramanian

Dr. Savithri Subramanian 

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Shafiqur Rahman Khan

Shafiq R Khan

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​General Secretary

Reema khudkhudia

Reema Khudkhudia

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Roohi Sahay

Roohi Sahay

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Dr. Sabu George

Dr. Sabu Mathew George

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Board Member  

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