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The security of the survivor is of prime importance for the organization. Security not just in terms of providing social security but also economic and emotional security which are necessary for revival of the survivor as a complete socially functioning being. Economic security is provided through advocacy for compensation and by linking her to various schemes provided by the government. This includes extending help in claiming their rights on land, home and other benefits under various schemes. Measures are taken to remove stigmatization against her to restore her social security. The stress is on providing them a normal living, in every possible manner. These efforts include their re-enrollment in schools and inclusion in any entrepreneurial activity or business activity. Apart from these, efforts are made to enhance the emotional support base for survivors in society, through consistent dialogue and regular positive interaction.

In-community rehabilitation process

In-community rehabilitation process involves integration of the survivor within society. The survivor’s well-being and her concerns are the central focus for EP because the organization doesn’t believe in becoming a law enforcement agency and doesn’t see punishing of criminals as its task. Rather, EP believes in filling the gap where the law falls short of the objective of rehabilitation and integration of the survivor within the society in a true sense. Such clarity in the approach helps the organization to keep its focus intact and to work for those who truly need it. The in-community rehabilitation process is thus designed with the survivor’s perspective at its center and it aims towards assimilation of the survivor in the society while keeping her identity intact.

Community-support and social-mainstreaming

Community support and social-mainstreaming process is aimed to provide the survivor a place in society, which she rightfully deserves. The organization strives for the assimilation of survivors with the society such that her own identity is not lost. Apart from supporting the survivors and making them aware of their rights, EP also aims to establish her as an individual who has her own distinguished identity in society. This goes against the societal conception of the survivor as an object with no identity or human rights. The organization believes that an individual and the society ought to co-exist as both are necessary for each other’s existence. Thus, mainstreaming the survivor with the society means assimilation of mechanisms to work together and not assimilation of identities. We aim for a society which realizes Tagore’s dream- Where the survivor’s mind is without fear and her head is held high..

Development of a congenial relationship

The survivor has undergone a phase that leads to her having apathy towards society and sometimes even towards herself. Thus, developing a congenial relationship involves a first basic step of extending a hand of support to them. The organization assures them through various gestures that it is here for them and not the other way around. During this step, EP tries to develop a relationship in which there is no hierarchy or dominance. This relationship is aimed towards creating a conducive environment in which the survivor can re-evolve into her original self. The endeavor is to provide survivors an open space for free dialogue.

Development of social consciousness

For EP, carrying out a rescue is not the main agenda, rather it’s just the first step of a long-drawn process. It is very important to sensitize the community and make them conscious of what is assumed to be an obvious reality. For this, the organization brings together local leaders and panchayat members and other stakeholders of the community and involves them in the whole process. This firstly establishes their social accountability and secondly gives them a sense of ownership in the decision making process. It is this ownership and participation which develops a social consciousness about the issue in the society. Periodic interaction with the community ensures that the relationship developed with the society is sustained over a period of time.

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