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Women's week Celebration in Dhubri Assam

Project EASE, the flagship project of Empower People in Assam, celebrated the Women’s Week on the eve of International Women’s Day, 2022, to highlight the invaluable contributions women make in society, and to support and empower women originating especially from marginalized and vulnerable communities.

The events were organized in the Char Chaporis of Dhubri, which are the target area of Project EASE. There were four events held, each on March 2, 4, 6, and 8, in four different villages of the Char Chaporis. The events saw considerable participation from the community members, with great enthusiasm especially from the women of the community.

A report of the events of each of the days mentioned above is given in the subsequent sections.

EASE womens week report
Download PDF • 904KB

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