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Voices of Change - Celebrating National Girl Child Day and International Education Day with EASE, RISE, and SEAL Projects

Date: January 24, 2024

This year, on National Girl Child Day and International Education Day, the EASE, RISE, and SEAL projects are actively addressing important issues. Empower People is committed to tackling problems such as the unfair treatment of girls, gender inequality, and exploitation. The events organized by EASE, RISE, and SEAL on these specific days are creating a noteworthy impact by highlighting these indispensable matters and assisting communities in acquiring knowledge through education and awareness.

Project SEAL in Yamuna Nagar:

(SEAL Project's Rally Against Treating Girls Unfairly and Gender Inequality)-

On National Girl Child Day, the SEAL Project in Yamuna Nagar, led by CBO leaders, organized a powerful rally. The rally brought attention to persistent issues like female feticide, gender inequality, and sexual exploitation, emphasizing that these problems still exist today. The initiative stressed the importance of preventing these risks and advocating for the rights of girls. It underscored the necessity of providing equal opportunities and respect for the development of girls while working towards reducing discrimination in all activities.

The overarching goal of the rally was to raise awareness about the unique challenges faced by girls globally and to strive for equal opportunities and respect for their development. It also aimed at reducing biases and ensuring the inclusion of girls in all activities.

In addition to the rally, Empower People, as part of Project SEAL, conducted programs in schools to educate girls about their rights and the challenges they might encounter. A poignant poem, presented by schoolgirls, further contributed to raising awareness about the significance of National Girl Child Day. The combined efforts of the SEAL Project and Empower People are crucial steps towards creating a more equitable and respectful society for girls.

Project RISE in Karnal: Liberating through Art

In Karnal, the RISE Project initiated a groundbreaking endeavor by collaborating with Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and children to challenge societal stereotypes through the impactful medium of art. Under the guidance of leaders Komal Sharma and Surja Malik (Names Changed), the project empowered children to vividly express their dreams and aspirations through vibrant paintings. This artistic initiative not only fostered a profound sense of unity and mutual support but also served as a visual testament to breaking societal norms. The passionate advocacy of project leaders underscored the urgent need for fairness, comprehensive education, and improved facilities, marking a positive shift toward equal treatment for both girls and boys.

Resolute Leadership of Survivor Group Leader Madhu Bala (Name Changed) amidst these transformative efforts, the resolute leadership of survivor group leader, Madhu Bala (Name Changed) stood out prominently. Her collaborative initiatives led to the formation of two Self-Help Groups, showcasing the tangible impact of collective leadership in strengthening and empowering communities. Madhu Bala emerged as a unifying force, highlighting the strength of unity and collaborative leadership in community empowerment. The creation of Self-Help Groups serves as a testament to the transformative change achievable when individuals unite with a shared vision of creating resilient and empowered communities.

Project RISE in Panipat:

(Transforming Education: RISE Project's Gift of Essentials and Celebration in Panipat Village)-

In Panipat, the RISE Project embarked on a transformative journey by distributing educational essentials to a village, highlighting the profound impact education can have on communities. The initiative not only provided essential tools for learning but also symbolized the commitment to fostering educational opportunities for all.

The community, comprising Self-Help Group (SHG) members, children, and other residents, united in a joyous celebration. Speeches, dance performances, and discussions echoed the sentiment that education serves as a powerful tool for breaking barriers and empowering future generations. The event was a testament to the collective dedication towards building a brighter and more inclusive society through education.

Amidst the chilly weather, Panipat became the backdrop for a heartwarming celebration of National Girl Child Day. The girls, names like Aisha, Maya, and Priya (Name changed) symbolize the diverse voices, expressed their thoughts through poignant poems, soulful songs, captivating dance performances, and creative drawing sessions. Their unwavering resilience and creativity boldly drew attention to the challenges they face, becoming a source of inspiration for the entire community.

Aisha, with her graceful dance moves, conveyed a powerful message of empowerment and equality. Maya, through her eloquent poetry, articulated the aspirations and dreams of countless girls facing obstacles. Priya, with her vibrant drawings, illustrated the importance of providing equal opportunities for girls in education.

The celebration in Panipat demonstrated that beyond the distribution of educational essentials, the RISE Project aims to nurture an environment where every girl, like Aisha, Maya, and Priya, can thrive and contribute to a society that values and supports their dreams.

Project Ease in Assam

(Empowering Change: Inclusive Celebrations and Gender Norm Breaking)-

Project EASE spearheaded an inclusive revolution in Dhubri's high schools, breaking gender norms through activities like kabaddi and hopscotch. Festivities, including captivating dance performances, highlighted the pivotal role of education in empowering girls to defy societal stereotypes. This transformative event showcased the profound impact of inclusive games in fostering an equitable and empowering environment.

Project EASE celebrated at Kolsha Bhaga High School, effectively breaking gender norms through spirited participation in games. A traditional Assamese cultural dance, "Golpariy Dance," performed by a talented group including Umme Salema, Gul Aktara Begum, Silima Khatun, and Meherun Nessa, added cultural richness to the event.

The kabaddi game (A group) witnessed enthusiastic participation from individuals like Akiya Khatun, Nilima Khatun, Atifa Khatun, Bulbuli Khatun, and Munjima Khatun, with the A group emerging victoriously.

Additionally, the hopscotch jump game showcased the skill and participation of Minuma Yesmin, Umme Salema, Silima Khatun, Gul Aktara Begum, Atifa Khatun, Akiya Khatun, Nilima Khatun, Halima Khatun, Fatema Khatun, and Anjuma Khatun. A powerful song related to education performed by Akiya underscored the event's emphasis on the importance of education, empowering girls to challenge stereotypes through diverse activities.

(Note: Names have been changed for privacy reasons)

Voices of Change – Quotes from Women Involved:

(Inspirational Stories: Powerful Quotes from Women Leading Societal Change)-

-Survivor Leader Madhu Bala (Name Change): "Leadership is about uplifting others. Our collaboration shows the strength of working together to empower our communities."

-Komal Sharma and Surja Malik, (Name Change) RISE Project Participants: "Equal treatment, education, and facilities for girls and boys are not just aspirations; they are essential steps towards a fairer society. We are part of a generational shift, breaking barriers for a better future."

- Participants of National Girl Child Day Celebration: "In the face of challenges, we express our thoughts through art, dance, and poetry. Our creativity is our strength, and we demand better facilities for our education."

- Women involved in EASE Project in Dhubri: "Breaking gender norms through inclusive games sends a powerful message. We are here to challenge stereotypes, celebrate education, and empower girls to dream beyond societal expectations."



(Building a Better Tomorrow: Empower People's EASE, RISE, and SEAL Projects Inspire Change)

Thinking about the celebrations of National Girl Child Day and International Education Day, the efforts of EASE, RISE, and SEAL projects shine as inspirations for community empowerment. Let's work together to remove obstacles, promote education, and empower girls to overcome challenges, creating equal opportunities and respect for everyone. These projects show the power of education and community engagement in building a more inclusive and fair society.



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