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Transformative Workshop on Group Action in Karnal

Today, May 4th, in Block Nilokheri, Karnal, we’re happy to share with you the news of a transformative workshop on Group Action, which was held as part of Project Rise by Empower People. The workshop was a source of hope for survivors of challenging life situations (CLS). Mishal Rizvi and Sanaya Singh guided the event, which showed the courage and solidarity of survivors.

Empower People runs Project Rise, which is supported by Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd India. The project sets up a social enterprise to help bride trafficking survivors rebuild their independence through entrepreneurship and community support. It aims to empower survivors by enhancing social integration, entrepreneurship, assistance, and leadership building. The project finds and works with survivors of bride trafficking to regain their agency through educational and vocational training programs and community engagement activities.

The workshop, an initiative of Project Rise, was created to foster healing and fellowship among CLS survivors. It included interactive activities and sessions that revealed their hidden talents and entrepreneurial potential. Participants shared their stories courageously, showing their strength through their narratives. District Coordinators like Ms. Rajbala played a key role in making the event successful.

The workshop had a clear goal: to motivate survivors to come together, heal, and become stronger as a group. Through different activities, participants bonded, exchanged personal experiences, and found symbols of strength and unity.

The outcomes were inspiring: participants understood the importance of mutual empathy, effective communication, and mutual support as foundations of unity. They agreed on common goals, talked about challenges, and made a collective action plan to deal with challenging life situations.

The workshop ended with our President, Dr. Savithri Subramaniam, speaking to the survivors. She emphasized their bravery and resilience in overcoming hardship. Her words touched everyone, sparking hope and determination.

Together, as part of Project Rise by Empower People, we’re building a community that encourages strength and support, facilitates healing, empowerment, and collective action. Here’s to #EmpowerSurvivors, #UnityInCommunity, and the ongoing effort to #EndHumanSuffring!

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