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 EP-SkillBuild : Empowering First-Generation Female Professionals

Inauguration of the Skill Development Center in Una, Himachal Pradesh

On June 10, 2024, Empower People celebrated the launch of the Empower People Skill Development Center (EP SkillBuild) in Una, Himachal Pradesh. Supported by IMDI, EP SkillBuild is a pioneering initiative aimed at addressing the gap in computer analytical skills and English language proficiency among the region’s young women.

Event Highlights

The event kicked off with a ribbon-cutting ceremony by Anshul Dhiman, Joint Director of the Department of Industries, Himachal Pradesh. This was followed by a heartfelt welcome to all attendees by Ravi Chauhan, our dedicated EP SkillBuild Coordinator. Nidhi Vashisth, one of our instructors, delivered a detailed PowerPoint presentation about the center, highlighting our mission, the significance of our work, and the various courses offered at EP SkillBuild.

Dr. Savithri Subramanian, President of Empower People, captivated everyone with her inspiring words about the vision and impact of EP SkillBuild. The conversation revolved around the center’s objectives and future plans, with a focus on strategies to enhance our course impact and extend our reach to more young women in the region.

Esteemed Guests

The event was graced by several esteemed guests, including Anshul Dhiman, Joint Director, and Akhil Sharma, Manager, both from the Department of Industries, Himachal Pradesh. Colin Towler and William Cairns represented IMDI UK, while Suhas Joshi and Vishal Pawar, consultants from JRCC, were also present. From IMDI India, we were pleased to host  RV Subramanian Director of IMD India and Ar. Reema C Khudkhudia, and representatives Yogesh Gulmire, Rohit Sharma, and Robin Sharma.

We were privileged to have Mr. Shafiq ur Rahman Khan, the Founder and General Secretary of Empower People, whose visionary leadership and commitment to the cause have been key in the establishment of EP SkillBuild.

Our Dedicated Team

We express our sincere gratitude to the committed Empower People team: Mr. Ravi Chauhan, Ms. Nikitha, Ms. Nidhi Vashisth, Mr. Jitendra Thakur, Mr. Anjule Shaym and volunteer Mr. Arsh Khan. Your tireless efforts and dedication have been crucial in turning this vision into reality.

Our Objective

EP SkillBuild is committed to providing skill development opportunities for young graduates, especially girls, to enhance their job prospects. Bridging the skill gap in the current workforce is critical for economic development. Empowering women promotes workplace diversity, creating a balanced environment and contributing to regional and economic growth, ultimately improving community life.

EP-SkillBuild: A Fortress Against Trafficking

EP-SkillBuild, an initiative of Empower People, stands as a fortress against trafficking, championing the dreams and aspirations of first-generation female job seekers. Our mission is not just a statement, but a commitment: “To safeguard girls from trafficking, we champion their dreams and aspirations, empowering them to carve out a brighter, empowered future.”

Our logo, a handshake set against a white canvas, is a testament to our mission. The blue hand, a symbol of wisdom and trust, represents our unwavering commitment to our partnerships. The green hand, a symbol of growth and freshness, embodies our dedication to fostering an environment of continual learning and innovation. The white background, a symbol of wholeness and completion, signifies our pursuit of creating a holistic impact through our work.

Through transformative workshops, individualized mentoring, and targeted coaching, we are not just equipping these trailblazing women with skills, confidence, and credentials, but we are also igniting a spark that will light their path in the modern workforce.

Our Initiatives

Our initiatives are not just programs, they are catalysts of change. We ignite ambition and cultivate resilience with workshops that introduce participants to cutting-edge job skills, career opportunities, and personal development strategies. Our mentors, experienced guides, advocates, and champions, offer tailored support to navigate the complexities of job searching and career advancement. Our personalized coaching sessions are designed to hone essential job skills, refine interview techniques, and create compelling resumes and portfolios that resonate with employers.

Our Courses

Our courses are not just about imparting knowledge, they are about empowering learners with the right skills to understand the sector’s functions, operations, and regulations. We offer a variety of courses including Banking and Finance, Secretarial Practice, Inventory Management, Analytics, and Export-Import Management. Each course is designed to provide learners with the knowledge and skills to understand the sector’s functions, operations, and regulations.

With EP-SkillBuild, we aim to empower young women, providing them with the tools and skills they need to succeed in the modern workforce. We believe in the power of education and the potential of every individual to make a difference. Together, we can create a brighter, more empowered future. The event concluded with refreshments, encouraging networking and collaboration discussions. Overall, there was a strong sense of optimism and shared commitment to empowering young women. We look forward to the positive impact that EP-SkillBuild will have on the lives of many young women in the region.


For inquiries and admissions, please call 011-6926-1746

or visit the EP-SkillBuild Student Portal (

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