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Shafiqur Rahman Khan is a pioneer activist with a singular attention on Bride Trafficking. His humble demeanor and enduring patience are his major strengths. He has been conducting workshops with various duty bearers including states’ highest level police officials. his strategic priority of enforcing women and girls’ rights as human rights. He founded an organization EMPOWER PEOPLE which was started with a 300 kilometer "March Against Female Feticide and gender inequality" in Haryana in 2005. The interventions of the Organization started in the form of a Movement in early 1999. When as a political activist from the tribal belt, Shafique, visited some villages and saw hunger and disease and apathy of officials and civil society. Upon realising that the radical party he was part of did not seem to care to tackle this, he decided to do it himself. Initially, an institution by the name Career Development Centre (CDC) was initiated. It started imparting education and played a key role in spreading education consciousness as part of its awareness program among youth. The aim to provide education and food to poor and marginalized children bore fruitful results.


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Shafiq R Khan

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