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We are facing the biggest crisis of our life during the second wave of Covid-19. Survivors of Bride Trafficking have become the worst affected people who are not even being counted in the statistics of Covid victims. The organization is providing support to Bride trafficking survivors and their families in staying safe and providing medical support as well as food for survival. Keeping the fact in mind that most of the people belonging to marginalized communities live in small houses where they can't afford to isolate themselves for safety, we have set up 15 village level isolation spaces for the marginalized and are also trying to start a few more centers. 

Currently, we are working to help people in Haryana, we are also assisting people (professionals and middle-class families in home isolation) in delivering medicines and foods in Delhi NCR. 

As we have limited resources we can't respond to every call, but this document will help you in getting what you require. 

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